Both the United States and Canada are coming off record years in terms of transport industry expansion. This has led to workforce shortages in many parts of the industry and a serious need to adjust and adapt for industry leaders.

The American Trucking Association estimates that the industry is short more than 50,000 drivers alone. Many companies in the transport industry have reacted to these changes by working to improve retention by offering increased pay, better benefits, and bigger bonuses. Some have even tabled creative retention strategies such as scholarships for employees and family members.

Improving retention is great, but this only solves one part of the problem. How do you attract new, qualified employees to your business?

Actively approaching people in the industry is the only way to avoid falling behind. Talon Recruiting partners with companies with positive cultures and strong employee retention strategies. This allows us to leverage our network and approach new industry professionals with something to celebrate – your business!

Trucking & transport have been a core focus of our business for years and we have considerable experience placing people in critical positions for our clients such as Logistics, Health & Safety, Management, Sales, Drivers, and Service & Maintenance.

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